Friday, November 20, 2015


Life can be tough; at times very tough. When the storm is raging, we can't help thinking that we are the only ones who are suffering. And when we identify ourselves as the only victim of life, we can't help getting bitter and full of self-pity.

Hard to believe as it is, we are all in the the same boat. We all experience life’s ups and downs. However, if we find some people who are able to reach out to others and help,  it is because they have gained their strength and wisdom from life’s many tests. They learn the secret of life, that to help others is to receive energy and strength themselves. They learn to transfer life’s challenges into love, wisdom, strength, kindness, and share them with the people around them.
Kind people have a have a deep understanding of life's energy circle because they have a taste of oneness. With sympathy and compassion comes understanding, and with the insight of oneness, kindness arises in everyone.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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