Thursday, November 26, 2015

Heal Your Mind

It is in your power to make this season holy, for it is in your power to make the time of Christ be now(A Course in Miracles)

People fear Alzheimer's as they get older. As it is so often the case, genetics probably has an important role to play here too, so for some the uphill journey to avoid this disease is harder than for others, but we also have have a choice in this. Healing of your mind is possible, and today is a good day to start.

Have you ever noticed the dull eyes of some dispirited people? Actually you would be surprised, sometimes this includes some seemingly successful people. Their status looks impressive from a distance; they always appear to say the right thing, and they apparently have it all. Yet, when you take a step closer, you see that somewhere they lost the sparkle in their eyes. They look tired - exhausted by the war within. They are at risk of checking out, of falling asleep at the steering wheel with their eyes wide open and the foot on the pedal.

When you observe life closely, you can spot a difference between being depressed and having dull eyes. Life can be tough at times, it can wear us down. But each and every time, when the storm has passed, we always come back with a vengeance. It is as if all of life's energies return from zero to a hundred in just a few seconds. Having dull eyes tells a different story altogether: something inside has broken, yet one continues pretending that everything is just fine. This brokenness has nothing to do with life's ups and downs; it is a reflection of being conflicted at a much deeper level. The soul knows that no matter what - up or down - we will never be at peace unless we overcome the internal conflict altogether.

Alzheimer's is essentially a disease with the purpose to forget. A spiritual journey heals this subconscious desire to go to sleep with every step we take along the Way. Conflicts are presented to us, and we are given the chance to choose again. Essentially, that is what the Way does, giving us a chance to heal the past and launching us on a new trajectory for the future. The Way is designed to cut out every conflict of interest until all that is left is a pretty straight-forward "yes" or "no" to life's seemingly confusing questions. 

A spiritual path can't protect us from pain, but it will give us back that zeal to live; that sparkle in our eyes that we lost somewhere. Are you ready to sign up for the Way? You travel light on this spiritual journey. A Tao traveler is someone without an agenda, without expectations, without regrets, and with only one goal in mind, to take yet another step next to Her.

Why do many people lose the Way as the decades go by? Why does their hair turn grey, and their skin eyes lose the shine? It is the apparent conflict that life presents that wear us down, the battle of the ego with life's confusing figures and events. Wrong choices, misguided perceptions of trade-offs; lost passions and and a purpose that simply has gone off-track. Often these missed steps are relegated into the subconscious, because the truth - in the eyes of the ego - is simply too ugly to look at. 

The feeling of having sold out somewhere makes our eyes dull, but we can reverse that process by re-connecting with the Way today. It doesn't matter how old we are, every step of the journey we can turn around. Our choice is always the same, even though the movie plot appears to be changing over time: choose love over everything else and the most important step in the healing process has been taken already. 

Take a look around - a brother you never properly perceived before - is extending his hand, ready to provide you with a fresh start. Take this invite to dance with life and look at everything with new eyes. A journey starts that redefines everything for you; makes it simpler and more straightforward. While you are letting go of a let of all the complicated stuff, it doesn't make you naive in the eyes of the others. To the contrary, your focus is on one matter only, and it happens with the focus of a laser if it has to. Your radiant energy will pull more people in your life than ever before. Simply say "yes" to life and love, and experience how all the clutter in your mind disappears. Heal your mind, here and now! It is the season to give it a try. 

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