Friday, November 27, 2015

The World as a Mirror (Continued)

It's like you are my mirror, my mirror staring back at me.
I couldn't get any bigger with anyone else besides me.
And now it's clear as this promise we're making.
Two reflections into one. 'Cause you are my mirror,
my mirror staring back at me. (Justin Timberlake, Mirror)

You hear that often in our community, "my family doesn't get me", or perhaps, "my work environment is not caring enough". I don't want to say that these statements are necessarily wrong, I would just point out that we subconsciously attract the people we are with. We are part of a movie and surround ourselves with figures that are meaningful for our soul development. So if they have a message for us, why not listen? 

Don't get me wrong though, sometimes annoying people encourage us to move on to bigger and better, so there are definitely times to cut our losses and move away from people who steal our energy and peace of mind. However, if we withdraw from people we love we most likely overlook something. And if we end up moving all the time, or simply withdraw to the highest corners of Tibet to be bored in a monastery, we may be running away from the homework we still have to do.

I have written a lot over the years on spirituality, but somewhere along I realized that my most important audience was perhaps me. I write with someone else in mind, but always, at the end of the day, realize that the wisdom helps me the most. Similarly, all frictions and tensions in the so-called real world have a spiritual meaning and can help propel us to our destination. Let's ask ourselves, what does the persistent questioning of my loved one imply for me? Or how can I change personally if there is constant tension at work?

Yes we are waking up, but we are also projecting. Did it ever occur to you that we may have signed up for the beautiful world of spirituality because there is something inside that we haven't quite worked out ourselves; perhaps it is that tension, that refusal to look into the dark corner of our soul that could explain our craving for love and peace of mind. Well, never mind what may have started our Homecoming journey, the important part is that we are here and now to enjoy it. We have come far, but just imaging how potent we get when we take the extended hand of our brother as we realize that he is I. The world is our mirror to lead us Home.  

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