Friday, November 6, 2015

Just Keep Telling Your Story

We have motivational speakers talk to us regularly at work to broaden our horizon. One woman's theme stuck with me in particular. She works in a very competitive industry, surrounded by testosterone driven men. When one of her bosses told her that she needed to be tougher if she wanted to be promoted, she promised herself she would. So from that day on she kept telling everyone how tough she is. One day she was in an elevator with the CEO of a company who wanted to go public. He kept asking his chief financial officer standing next to him whether he had brought all the supporting figures and charts of their business proposal. "You have to understand", he added, "I am told she is really, really tough!" It was then that she realized that she had made it.

Don't get me wrong, this post is not about becoming tough. I am a spiritual traveler; if anything, I specialize in the opposite, namely to succeed by embracing kindness instead. Along the Way loving people are perfectly protected and they don't need to tough out anything. But whatever her motivations may have been, there is a beautiful gem hidden in her story. You can decide on something that matters to you and then you can manifest it by telling your story. Sometimes you know something deep in your heart will happen even though the evidence doesn't quite yet corroborates the story yet. But just keep telling your story. You may also have to be a little flexible, sometimes revising your story line a little along the Way. But keep telling it until the reality that others perceive has caught up with your perspective.  Just keep telling your story and mountains will crumble under your will-power and perseverance.

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