Sunday, November 8, 2015


Come take My hand.
You should know Me,
I've always been in your mind.
You know that I'll be kind,
I'll be guiding you,

Building your dream
has to start now.
There's no other road to take.
You won't make a mistake,
I'll be guiding you.

You have to believe we are magic.
Nothin' can stand in our way.
You have to believe we are magic.
Don't let your aim ever stray.
And if all your hopes survive,
your destiny will arrive.
I'll bring all your dreams alive
for you.

From where I stand,
you are home free.
The planets align so rare.
There's promise in the air,
and I'm guiding you.

Through every turn I'll be near you,
I'll come anytime you call.
I'll catch you when you fall,
I'll be guiding you.
(Magic, Olivia Newton-John)

I have little to add given that the lyrics speak for themselves. You are guided, you are protected and you are loved by a Force beyond your wildest imagination. But there is something to do on your part if you want to hold on to Her every step of the Way: "don't let your aim ever stray!" And hold on to your dreams - boldness has magic in it!

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