Sunday, November 15, 2015


Meditation opens a door for us to connect with the Source.  If you meditate regularly you will notice a difference in your daily life. With every successive meditation session you will slowly and gradually slide into a magnificent state. In this state you can hear the birds sing; joy pours in; it is a state of silence, love, peace and streaming light. 

How often do we occupy ourselves with chore, endless chatting, desires, fear and anxiety?  When we occupy ourselves with these trifles it is hard for joy, love, peace, and silence to flow in.  How can they flow into our life when we don’t prepare any channel for them to flow through?  Daily meditation is this channel we prepare for ourselves to welcome these vibrant energies to flow through us. It showers us with clarity, peace, love, joy and silence!

 Will you join us to welcome our every day life with such vibrant energy?  Bring love, joy and smiles back into your life. You will feel playful and grateful for another lovely day on planet earth!  Let’s bring in this energy to earth and fill this planet we live with love!

By Su Zhen 

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