Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Peace (Continued)

What happens in your mind when you had an accident? You replay the scenes over and over in your head simply because you are sad and you want this feeling to go away. Perhaps you ask yourself if it could have been prevented somehow, but eventually you move on because you realize deep down inside that you simply couldn't have done anything differently. You make peace with the situation as is.

But then, how does this process go if you have made a mistake instead? Not a well-meaning one, but a situation in which you got what you wanted and it backfired instead. You beat yourself up over it, don't you? There is an incredible waste of energy in this endless back and forth, and at the end of it, you simply feel lost in a war with yourself.

I sometimes wonder if there is is a force inside of us that deliberately wants to go away from God's Way, just because he knows that in the presence of that love and light he would simply fade away. I think you can examine this theory, especially if you find yourself on a conscious path towards God. You can monitor thoughts that pop up like, "why don't you do such and such?", followed by counter-thoughts, "well, last time you tried this it didn't go so well." A merry-go-around in your head that only stops once you move away from that contested set of behaviors.

A spiritual path is a journey towards peace. You become a simpleton, and a very potent one as such. You cut out everything that is not followed by peace and stillness. There is the Way, and then there is noise. Peace is yours to capture, every step of the Way. There might be a ill-meaning force inside of us, but along the Way it becomes nothing but a feeble background noise. May peace be with you!

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