Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Secrets of a Balanced Tao Traveler

Everyone should meditate 20 minutes a day. Unless you are busy, in which case you should meditate for an hour. (Old Zen Saying)

A Tao traveler isn't really that different from all the others; we will also go through the ups and downs of life; and we certainly face the same difficulties as everyone else. We have a little trick though, when the going gets tough we slow down instead of speeding up. The secret of the Way is balance! We use whatever technique we have at our disposal to center ourselves. With this new-found focus, suddenly, all these chaotic energy is fading in the background, and  life's events will return into harmony.

A Tao traveler always remembers that all external occurrences are just a reflection of oneself.  This is the reason he always puts meditation, yoga, exercise, writing, nature-walks or whatever else it is that centers himself, as his first priority.  

With this connection to the Self, suddenly, the source of life energy flows right through him. Like a magnet, he channels all the scattered energy and becomes the center of a whirlpool. With a perspective like this, life is wonderful, isn't it?

By Christian and Su Zhen. 

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