Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Time When the Lion Lies Next to the Lamb in Peace and Harmony

Rewrite your brain for higher consciousness by paying attention to love, compassion, and joy.
(Deepak Chopra)

Physicists describe the Universe before the Big Bang as an object the size of the walnut that somehow exists as infinity outside of time and space. Who knows what exactly was going on before the Big Bang happened, but I conjecture that the creative expansion of the Universe was designed as a process that allows us to experience ourselves. It is impossible to appreciated the infinite bliss and potential when you have no reference to compare to. Just as the fish cannot be aware of the water it is operating in because it doesn't know what it means to be on dry land.

This peace, and love and bliss of the Origin still permeates everything, even after the Big Bang. String theory conjectures that everything is connected with everything in tiny strings weaving the fabric of the Universe. Cut a particle into two, transport them to opposite sides of the Universe and they will still be in constant communication outside of time and space. What is One cannot be separated, but it is easy to forget that and get lost in the maya of creation. It is our opportunity as well as mission to experience God's fabric here and now; so even today, the eternal Oneness can be perceived, but it requires our participation.

Try to connect with God's fabric; discover Oneness in life's confusing variety. You can embrace Deepak Chopra's mandate as a mission statement to experience God: step outside of time and space by merging with the Way. "The Greatest Story ever Told", the days when the lion lies peacefully next to the lamb, may be closer to reality than all of the physics books in the world.

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