Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Directing a movie called life

Have you ever observed that when you think of a situation, you actually influence how the situation is going to develop?  Say, if you think you need two hours of meditation to get your peace; well, you will surely get irritable if someone interrupts your precious allocated free time of mindfulness.

Or you think that you cannot be happy unless everything comes your way just as you expect; or you think life is full of suffering and no matter where you look, you manage to see it. With an attitude like that, you will likely be miserable no matter what.
It is interesting to observe how our thinking influences what happens in our lives, and how we perceive these events. Try to be mindful of these amazing connections between mind and real life. Why don't you run little experiments and see how your life unfolds as your thinking and attitude shifts. 

When you observe that our life unfolds according to our fears, longings, expectations and assumptions, try to also watch how the movie unfolds when we adjust our attitude about it. When we manage to change our attitude and expectations, we can in fact become a conscious creator of our life.

Have fun directing, acting and shooting your movie!
By Christian and Su Zhen 

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