Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A psychologist will probably tell us that our steamy sexual fantasies are nothing but childish ego cravings. An enlightened master may tell us that many of our professional goals are bout as meaningful as building sand castles a few hours before the rising flow will wash it away. For some reason I had these thoughts when I saw the image of an Indian guru who was traveling with his disciples through the US. How infantile, I thought, that there are spiritual travelers who look up to him like he was God when the same potential is slumbering inside of them. But then, who am I to judge what is useful to other spiritual travelers on their journey. After all, when it comes to my professional goals, I would also tell the Buddhist monk that they are currently important to me; so what if they are considered childish viewed from a higher spiritual consciousness.

All of us tell our life story and no one has any business to tell the other what should be meaningful to them. Our soul wants things in life, and repression in the name of spirituality is just not very useful. Go and get what is dear to you tiger, as long as you do not inflict spiritual harm on you or others. Every existing life story needs to be respected, just as we have to understand that every life story, no matter how impressive, is somewhat childish viewed from a higher spiritual plane. Ascension never stops. For every big brother walking next to you there is a child holding your hand. Just let Ascension flow right through you and enjoy!

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