Monday, December 14, 2015

Ego disentanglement

It is not right to make the ego the villain; the ego is nothing but an energy field. It is what it is; you cannot wish this energy away. What you can do, however, you can become aware of its existence as a simple by-stander. That's what mindfulness is all about. 

You only transcend an ego drive by getting a glimpse of what it truly stands for. That experience is an insight, a feeling of letting go, as well as a light bulb that goes off in your head. When the insight strikes, the old energy field merges with a higher spiritual energy field. This moment of transcendence is nothing but re-channeled energy. A step in tandem with God while  earlier we were merely dancing to our own tune.

Having an insight about our ego doesn't mean that we can't be taken for a ride by it again at a later time; still, in the disentanglement process this is a huge step. A spiritual path is really a process of redirecting energy. Create that energy field that is meaningful to you, reflect on it every step of the Way, and just see where the journey takes you. 

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