Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Finding Upside in Sickness

There always is a positive meaning hidden somewhere in every disease. Often it tells us that there is something wrong in our life; that we have set the wrong priorities, or that the way we live our life needs to be changed; it could be a simple reminder that we eat the wrong food, or that we don't exercise sufficiently.

Diseases often come with nasty by-products and bodily discharges, like running noses, sweating, or diarrhea. Often we lose our appetite. We may wonder why that's the case given that we feel that we need the energy instead. Yet our body has its own wisdom; it gets rid of the bad stuff from our system, and uses the recharging power of sleep to regain energy. It is really a process of cleaning out, letting go and restoring.

When we monitor ourselves while we are sick, most likely we will find that we have lots of negative thoughts. We discover hatred, resentment, anxiety, and fear.  This is because our energy is low so we have no psychic powers of our own to be mindful and to stand up to our ego and the negative mental loops. When we keep observing we realize how this mental turmoil undermines our entire biological system.
Sleep can help, as can breathing exercise to calm ourselves down. At this moment we are able to look at the bigger picture and can pinpoint imbalances in our life. When we are sick, we experience the fragility and vulnerability within us. We can use this low point to figure out what is really important to us and what we can change once we have our energy back. Disease allows us to push the reboot button. Use it!

By Su Zhen 

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