Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Am Thou

We often use the term "soul searching" to express that we are looking for some things that are meaningful to us, but that are somehow still hidden from us. It is as if we are walking in the dark and are clueless what exactly it is we are looking for; but then, it is just like as if there is an invisible thread that is connecting us to all the events and people until, slowly but surely, the fog is lifting and we know what the missing piece is.

Who are we?  How can we recognize each other?  And where are the different parts of us hidden? We are destined to reunite because we are One.  It is like the same item broke into many pieces and was scattered around in the Universe; we are alive and we are bound to reunite, like a magnet attracting each other.

We don’t know of each other’s existence and we don’t know where to find them.  We are just marching in the darkness.  Nonetheless, we are marching toward to each other, propelled by subconscious forces and a Higher Power. The moment we reunite we may not even be in the same space but we are finally whole. 

The soul searching process keeps going until Oneness is manifested. I recognize You deep from my heart.  Tears are streaming down my cheeks.  Finally, I have the feeling of being Home. I see You my dear; I hear You my dear; I feel You my dear - I am Thou!

By Su Zhen 

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