Monday, December 28, 2015

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day,
oh happy day,
when Jesus washed,
when He washed,
my sins away.
Oh happy day!

In my mind I have murdered, I have raped, I have cheated and I have lied. It is not good enough to argue that I never did any of this, that I never committed a crime worthy of prosecution. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite that work that way because the institution that sent me on this mental wild goose chase is also the one that accuses, prosecutes, judges and executes, all in one go.

Oh happy day, when we have the faith to believe - consciously as well as subconsciously - in the Lamb of God who takes our sins away. This is hard to do for many of us, so we carry our subconscious burdens to the best of our abilities; we are mindful not to repeat the mistakes of the past; and we look out for every opportunity to walk in His shoes. The blessed day the song reminds of us shall come eventually, and it shall be a happy day!

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