Saturday, December 19, 2015

Opening Life's Presents

What really causes our suffering? Does perhaps the life we experience right now simply reflect back our own attitude towards it? Do we perhaps suffer because we never allowed something meaningful to ignite our life?

We certainly love certainty! We like it we can predict how things are going to develop; we don’t like to be exposed to something which we are not so familiar with. We would love to live in a protected cocoon. We feel comfortable in our little world and feel threatened by something that could bring us pain, or challenged by something that we haven mastered yet: a new place or technology, a challenging task, a brewing crisis, an alternative routine, or a different perspective. We perceive ourselves as so limited and are so scared that we cannot really open ourselves to this new dimension and hence lose the opportunity to know the upside that comes with it.

We are too soaked in the bitter juice of resentment, complaint, and resistance. Yet, deep down inside we know that once we close ourselves down to the new, our days of being good at what we do are numbered. So why don't we use the same energy that beforehand we used to shield ourselves from change to embrace it instead. Can we learn a new technology?  Can we master a new task?  Can we discover the beauty of a new place?  Can we open our heart and see where life is going to take us?

Can we have fun even we are scared?  Can we use the challenge that confronts us to find out what’s really important in our life? As a new year is knocking on our door, let us invite in the new, and out with the old. Let's focus on what life brings our Way and let everything else fade to the background. The trick is to let life set the agenda for what is important and what not. 

Isn’t it true that some of our suffering simply came from resisting the presents life had in hand for  us? Let the Tao be our new life coach, let Him set the priorities for us. Rediscover joy and love along the Way. Enjoy!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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