Sunday, December 20, 2015

Reaction and Counter-Reaction along the Way

We react to people and events in a pre-programmed manner. We just think that we are in charge but someone comes and pushes our buttons and we simply cannot help but running after the waving red flag, just like a bull in front of a torero would do. In one way or another, on a deeper subconscious level, we are simply set up by life.

I remember having a discussion with someone at graduate school who argued that we don't have a choice in anything of what we do. I disagreed then with him, but now feel more balanced about the subject. Yes we have a choice to manifest the life we want to live, but on a soul level we have no choice but to live through what we set out to experience before we were born.

Learn to become the creator of where you would like to go in life and experience all these soul changing events as a creator and not a mere follower.
 Yes, you can make your life story a happy one, but you have to become smarter about it. Life can get you to your desired destination, but you have to tell it specifically where to go, and leave it up to life to get you there. Also, you can only co-create with God, so whatever you do, aim for a spiritual path-way.

You can make the transition from the previously traveled subconscious "yin and yang along your way" to experiencing the magnificent "yin and yang along the Way". You are being beautifully and strategically primed  if you stop resisting people and events. Leave everything up to Her and just enjoy the ride in the holy Now.

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