Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Joy of Consciously Letting Go

Have you ever observed what really stops you from enjoying your life at this moment?  Is it the life that bothers you, or could perhaps some lingering old memories and emotions still occupy you, so that you cannot experience the beauty of life now?

If you feel constantly angry, perhaps it is not that so much there are many negative events or obnoxious people that cross your path. To the contrary, most likely there is simply negative energy that is bubbling below the surface. This angry emotion is ready to burst out whenever it gets a chance.

So if this is happening to you, say, you are constantly angry, sad, or anxious, now it is a good time to let it go. There are other feelings within you that patiently wait to get expressed, like joy, beauty, peace, and love.

Our life is different moment by moment.  Life has offered us not just anger, sadness, grief, and anxiety.  If you are stuck in a negative energy loop, let life help you to release it. To set this stuck energy free, you first of all have to be willing to accept responsibility for everything that happens to you. You also have to be willing to take action about whatever it is that stands in your way to experience a harmonious life. 

When you stop accusing others, you will have energy to do something about whatever it is that bothers you. Be mindful about what emotion occupies you. To let go of this stuck negative energy field, you need to find the time and space for yourself.  Focus on the energy you want to release, and zoom into it. Take anger for example, say to yourself:

"I now let go my anger." After you make this affirmation, observe how you feel.  Very likely, there will be different images and memories resurfacing.  If you feel like crying out loud, just allow yourself to do it in a safe way.

Repeat this affirmation, stop and observe. Do this a few times until all your angry emotion has been released. You will probably feel exhausted after this exercise.  Take some rest, recover and recharge.  

Experience for yourself that a completely different you will show up after this release!  Now you have space for joy, beauty, love, and health to flow into you!  Enjoy!

By Su Zhen 

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