Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Way of the Meister - Action

Now there is no doubt that the best work (or play) is done when I can forget myself altogether, paying attention only to the object at hand, with no question of how the result will react on me.
(E. Graham Howe, The Druid of Harley Street)

Would you buy a book that promises you mastership of life? You probably would since everyone wants to be in charge; we all want to be empowered and successful. Meister means "master" in German, yet the expression "the Way of the Meister" should alert you to the fact that this concept of mastership is a different one. The Way is beyond success and failure, and above good and evil. You are a Meister in dealing with what is. You focus on what needs to be done and then walk away without having an opinion on the outcome.

Lord Krishna tells Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita to only concern himself with his actions and leave the rewards up to a higher Force. You accept karma and let the wheels spin without incurring any additional baggage. That is the Way of the Meister. Fear disappears on that path, loving acts become more frequent, and all actions become somehow automatic. There is no guilt along the Way, no regrets and no expectation.

There comes a time when you are the Way and let people and events speak for themselves. Until this blessed day, however, let the karma run its course. You already are part of the Way even if there is still pain and pleasure associated with the outcome. 
Jump into life's events and get your hands dirty. See for yourself that once you let go of your expectations, work can actually become fun. Just do what you were born to do and then walk away.   

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