Saturday, December 12, 2015

We Can Turn Our Life Around

The other day I bumped into a colleague I hadn't seen in a while. I couldn't believe my eyes, she looked great and actually seemed happy! To provide some background, in recent years I had increasingly felt that she was becoming bitter. I had assumed that she wasn't happy with her job, but I didn't know her do well to ask. For whatever reason, she now seems to have made peace with the work environment she is currently in. And while she may have scaled back her professional ambitions a little, she suddenly discovered joy in traveling to exotic places, reconnecting with the athlete within, as well as developing her work-life balance. I was happy to see that she is a shining example of the fact that we can turn our lives around. 

Each and everyone of us carries some demon around, but life gives us plenty of opportunities to let go of them. Sure, the ego zooms into what is not right, and if it was up to him, would sent us on a demolition course. The Spirit, in contrast, overlooks unpleasantness and zooms into the creative opportunities instead. As the saying goes, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop"; if we zoom into what needs to be built instead, there is little time to be depressed about the pieces that still need more time to come together. 

Keep moving, keep building, and don't forget to be generous to yourself when you hit a rough patch. That is what she did. She now runs half marathons and goes scuba diving with colleagues and friends in exotic places. We all have different ways to indulge; have you splurged a little recently?

A creative mind will always see the next opportunity no matter what the situation might be. Life is always on the look-out for us for the next creative opportunity. So keep telling yourself an uplifting new story line that one day will feel right, while taking care of your well-being in the here and now. So if you feel down these days, I hope my colleague's uplifting story can help you. We all can turn our life around.

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