Tuesday, December 8, 2015

When the self thought it was falling to pieces ...

Sometimes we feel like we are falling to pieces. We are uprooted, scared, hurt or simply feel shattered.  This scattered energy stays with us and we cannot be at peace. The conflict resurfaces and repeats itself until it is healed by mindfulness and love.

Our shattered self is just like a little scared child.  She has no idea what happens to her and why suddenly her life has changed for the worse; somehow she can't go back to her old peaceful life.  She is totally lost and confused. Until that day when a bigger unifying force is perceived amidst the shattered pieces - the Self.

In the presence of her Self, with love and acceptance, the past is healed and seen with a new wholesome perspective; all her suffering is understood and accepted. She feels relaxed and safe again.  And this shattered "I" is comforted and the conflicted energy is released. 

We can all create this divine space for ourselves.  Whenever we give ourselves some time, sit still, our scattered pieces will fade in the background. However, too often, we are scared by our shattered identities. We tend to do the opposite, we distract our restlessness with all kind of mind numbing activities. We don’t like feeling vulnerable so we run around to escape these dreadful encounters. 

 Our shattered selves want to be seen, understood and accepted. Will you give her this precious time and space?

By Su Zhen 

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