Friday, January 29, 2016

It is Always Darkest before the Dawn

'Cause here we are,
we are shining stars.
We are invincible,
we are who we are.
On our darkest day,
when we're miles away,
sun will come,
we will find our WAY HOME.

Carry on ...
(Carry on, Fun)

Sometimes our life seems to go to the dogs. We feel hopeless and think we will never again see the light at the end of tunnel. We never know when our life will turn around. So if you are in a situation like that, please don’t give up! If you feel really tired and exhausted, perhaps all you need is to give yourself a break. Take a rest and recharge. Be kind to yourself!  

Life challenges us at times, but it never gives us more than we can handle. See that when you take better care of yourself, life brightens up with your changed attitude. Suddenly your world turns around with you and you feel energetic again!

Life is dynamic, but our mind only perceives a small fraction of what is going on. We tend to think a situation is going to be there forever, always happy, or always depressed. Neither is true!  We are moving moment by moment to a different state. Once we know this secret, we will know how to dance with the energy flow!  Never give up when you think that you have fallen into a dark hole. The TAO's messengers are near-by to pull you out. Similarly, don't get too excited when you perceive yourself at the top of the world. Life will make sure that your ego doesn't perceive itself a cut above others. 

So when the going gets tough, wait patiently, recharge yourself, and learn life's lessons!  The whole point of going through a storm is that you are a changed person coming out of it. Life can be challenging but it is not vicious. All these dark moments are getting us ready for the approaching next climax! We can never be bored if we dare to live our life to the fullest, no matter whether it is uphill or downhill. Never be afraid of these moments; they are here for you to break through and realize that everything is possible when SHE walks nearby! 

Dance with the flow of life!  Tune into it, experience it, and know that everything is just a game. Have fun!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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