Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wholeness is a Prerequisite for Holiness

The author Norman Mailer said that in his writings, whenever angel and devil on his shoulder were equally excited about an upcoming project, that was when he had the most energy, passion, and creativity. I think this is a powerful insight and explains our subconscious search for wholeness. When a guy pursues a woman he may recognize a soul mate, or see his unborn children in her eyes, but he probably also gets a kick out of her sexy body and can't wait for having steamy sex with her. Or when we think about our mission at work, we hopefully also have the greater good of humanity in mind, but at the same time we lust after prestige that comes with the job, the promotion and the pay raise at year-end.

The devil on our shoulder knows that we often fool ourselves about our ulterior motives, but the Angel on our shoulder knows that She can present life's choices to us in a way that love will conquer all in the end. That's why She is excited about our mission as well. Go after your dreams and let life digest you a little. You will be a step closer to wholeness when you get what you aspire. The demon will deflate with every "been there, done that" feeling, while the Angel will surround you with love when everything is said and done. Wholeness is a prerequisite for  holiness, so give your dreams your best shot and go after them.

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