Friday, January 1, 2016


We are one, but we are not the the same.
We get to carry each other, carry each other.

(One, U2)

A colleague retired who in many respects is quite different from me: a bundle of energy; interested in literally everything; a quick thinker, subtle and outgoing when he has to, yet introvert at heart. At the core he is the most caring person you ever have the chance to meet. Someone who notices everything and will always find a way to make you feel welcome. Well, he is moving on to better and brighter endeavors, which is good for the new friends he will be making, while it is our loss.

It turns out that you can find spiritual people everywhere. I have no idea what his spiritual belief sets are, but it doesn't matter anyway. He seems to have discovered Oneness by connecting with others who are different from him. Just as U2 communicated so well in their "One" song, in all our differences we are all the same. One thing I learned from my high energy friend, when the opportunity arises, go and stretch out a hand; meet him more than halfway; let your brother demonstrate to you yet again that we are all One.

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