Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mother and Daughter Continued: Misunderstanding

I grew up in a big family.  I didn't feel my parents gave me much attention during those days, but I turned out just fine, as did my siblings. Much better as fine, one could say. By social standards, all of us are very successful. So subconsciously perhaps, I must have concluded that I don't need to give my children much attention either. After all, they would also turn out just fine, right?

But then, every child is different and has different needs.  One of my boys has autism.  He demands lots of my attention. Even then, I didn't spend much time thinking how to teach him or treat him.  I somehow thought he would turn out just fine without my effort.

It wasn't until recently that - out of a sudden - I realized how much time my parents actually devoted to raise us.  I never really understood how much effort it takes
 to be a caretaker because I always had helpers and tutors to share all these responsibility with me.  I somehow didn't realize that just to provide children with healthy food and a safe environment takes lots of work; I didn't quite appreciate how much determination, hard work and love it takes. It was only in the time when I mostly did everything myself that I realized how much love and effort goes into raising children.

The amazing thing is, when I devote myself to this job as mother, I suddenly connect with my mother and realize how much effort she made to raise us.  And now I understand 
what a misunderstanding I had before!  We siblings all turn out great because of her tremendous effort. She is great!

I love you, my dear mother! Thank you for giving me this precious life!  I will do something great as well to honor your effort! Thank You!

By Su Zhen 

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