Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Feeling special along the Way

Psychology deals with the "I" - the force that perceives the world and tries to make a mark on it. Spirituality often makes that force - the ego - the villain. But does the ego necessarily have to be malicious? Perhaps it is sometimes simply mistaken about what truly makes us happy, and what not.  The ego may be in need of healing, but we have psychology and spirituality to help with that. Does the ego always have to be scheming against God? I am not so sure that it has to. The "I" certainly likes to feel special, but every child of God is special; the trick only is to find the right mission to feel special about. The Way will help us with that. When we interact with our environment creatively, flexibly and lovingly, we will discover what our special imprint on earth is all about. 

We are God's Co-Creators. That's why we have manifested here on earth. God is happy to grant us the Garden of Eden while being here, but we have to do our job in the creation story as well. How can one discover the Way? God's divine Guidance is always with us, but we have to cut our own interferences out. The wrong ego demands for example, and we have to take our special soul requirements into consideration. A spiritual path does that for us, explaining patiently and lovingly to us what we have to do, what might not be so helpful, and what we should grant ourselves.

Not all ego interferences need to have bad intentions. Say we got separated from our parents as a child while going shopping and it took them a few minutes before they found us. To date we might experience fear when we are surrounded by large groups, and it will be impossible to experience the Way, and the holy interaction of people in those situations because of these irrational fears. That would be an example of some psychological homework that we would have to do. An example in soul psychology could be if we lost a loved one in a previous life-time when we were quite vulnerable, so we find ourselves clinging to people and don't really understand why. We might be able to heal yourself with help of past-life hypnosis; or we might simply accept this character trait in us and invite our soul sibling to heal us.

Every life has some idiosyncratic interferences to overcome, but in time we should be adjusted enough to perceive the blessed world others sometimes overlook. It is the quiet Voice of the Self that we can hear when we get silent, or we manage to step out of our agenda. It is the Way - the Oneness that is behind everything - that can be perceived when we really look. God's Plan becomes apparent in every interaction with our soul siblings.

We may have it all wrong. Instead of lamenting the fact that we are biased and scheming, we should appreciate how life compensates for all our mistakes and personal interferences. Life wraps itself around ourselves and reminds us of our soul mission. The right people show up in the nick of time; problems and events present themselves to make our ego feel special about the right things. If there is one promise of life, it is that no matter what our personal challenge might be, there is always a spiritual path that deals with it, while guiding us Home. Being God's Co-Creator simply means that we take what God has given us and we put our personal spin on the Way. It is fun to be part of the Way, it is meaningful and it is fulfilling. God is lonely without us, so let's accept our creative powers and make His Kingdom complete today. 

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