Sunday, January 24, 2016

To Life

How do you nurture yourself? Are you doing something that you really enjoy? Are you expressing your passions? Do you embrace life moment by moment?

Our spiritual gurus have often told us that we should keep some time in our busy schedules to do something that we really enjoy; something that nurtures our soul. This is a really important insight, and some busy people unfortunately overlook it and then wonder why they feel so lost. However, taking could care of oneself with special treats is only a necessary condition to finding happiness, not a sufficient one. It is similar to going to a fancy banquet and only to pick one dish!  There is so much more to life once we engage to dance with it. Life wants to nurture us moment by moment.

Life is here to help us, always! The longer we travel a spiritual path, the more obvious this simple fact of life becomes apparent to us. We may have minded problems in the past but now it dawns on us that every obstacle and resistance is in fact a stepping stone to the next creative solution to manifest an even better outcome. Who would be disappointed with life's surprises with this premise in mind.

Life is here to treat us moment by moment. Isn’t it joyful when we master some of life’s challenges and acquire the necessary skills to dance with it?  Isn’t it exciting to get to know a stranger who enters our life unexpectedly? Isn't it rewarding to hang out with our children to know what bothers them and what make them happy?  Isn’t it nurturing to mature together with our children and to realize that they teach us as much as we teach them? Isn’t it peaceful to spend some time only with ourselves, listening to the silence within? Isn’t it wonderful to spend some time with our family and friends and enjoy the feeling of supporting each other?  Isn’t it satisfying when we are able to share with the world our special gift? Doesn't it make you feel energetic when you go jogging or to the gym?  Isn’t it beautiful when the white snow covers our world, and isn't it relaxing and releasing when we take a bubble bath?

Moment by moment, life offers us so much. We can nurture our soul all the time. Thank you life!  Thank you for giving us so much!  We enjoy it and will do something great with the gift you are giving us.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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