Thursday, January 7, 2016

When the SELF leads the WAY


ego           environment           SELF


We have it all wrong. Our mind only knows that much when it comes to God. Actually, it is even worse. Often the mind thinks it knows, only to be told years later that we have deviated even further from Her, well-meaning as we might have been. But then, feelings can sometimes not be trusted either. It takes our entire arsenal of our mind, heart, and the environment we operate in to discover Her. There is a divine Guidance inside of us - the SELF - that very much like a global positioning device always is connected to the Way.

We always can listen to the Quiet Voice inside; we can get in touch with our big heart, follow the serene flow of our beautiful mind, and be one with the environment that surrounds you. Fact of the matter is, the God connection is both inside as well as outside of us, always ready to be accessed. Before we were on auto-pilot, swayed by feelings, thoughts, the events in our life, and the conflicts between all of these. Yet, once you have a glimpse of the Way, everything - thoughts, feelings & the daily occurrences flow just as She desires it.

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