Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Power of Transformation

We have talked often about how we can transform our emotions by fully embracing them and experiencing life wholeheartedly.  Magically, we often feel the transformation that takes place when we truly open up to what we feel. We often resist this process though because it seems so painful at first. However, when we allow this energy flow through us, it seems that this energy cleans us. Opening up to emotion channels brings out the lingering energy that always is with us, though it is bubbling beneath the surface. When we truly allow our energies to flow, we experience pain, sadness, anxiety, and fear. And we can release these emotions by crying, shouting, screaming, or just sitting quietly and feeling them pass by. We experience how they leave our system and we understand ourselves much better.  Miraculously, after all the energy is released, we feel light, joyful, and peaceful!

We can apply the same method to every difficulty that we might experience in our daily life. We may not want to experience them and fear that they will only bring pain. However, when we face and even welcome every obstacle wholeheartedly, suddenly, all the necessary energy, wisdom, and help come our way as well. When we maneuver through these difficulties without hesitation we may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but with determination all the uneasiness will pass. As we try to overcome these difficulties, we learn something new and grow as a person; we then not only feel great about mastering the difficult situation, but somehow understand that this obstacle fit perfectly in our overall game plan. With joy, we feel grateful about life and are eager to participate again; with this attitude and experience, we are not afraid but feel nurtured by life instead!

This is the power of transformation!  By fully surrendering to our daily life and experiencing life moment by moment, we transform all the ingredients life gives to us and create wonderful movements for ourselves! When we master this marvelous skills of transformation and creating, life suddenly becomes an easy and joyful adventure!  We are no longer the victim of life.  Instead, we join it and create a wonderful life!

Enjoy!  Life is wonderful
By Su Zhen 

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