Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Spiral of Love

We had a death in our family, and as we were making the funeral arrangements, I observed that there was hesitation to invite friends who used to be close family friends over many decades. 
When I asked about the reason I was told about some apparent character flaws that quite frankly were all know about these friends for the longest time. It is just that we apparently only focused on the good attributes in the earlier days and were able to focus on their many good points instead.

Why is that? Do we become less caring when we get old? Do we become more critical and less compassionate? I don't think it has to be that way. Instead, I believe we didn't use the spiral of getting closer with our family friends that always presents itself, and focused on the spiral that moved us further apart instead. I have often observed that significant decision moments present themselves in regular time intervals. Seven, ten or twelve years after important events take place in our lives, they tend to repeat themselves. Never completely identically, but similar enough that one recognizes the new open door the universe has opened for us. We can remember the last missed opportunity that instant and try better this time around. 

When it comes to people, chose love whenever you can. That doesn't mean you should allow other people to walk right over you, but it does mean that whenever you find a door ajar, put your foot into it. Show up in these significant moments when the Universe gives you yet another chance to stretch out a hand. Love is God's language, so if you want to walk next to Her, choose love whenever you can. The Spiral of Love extends upwards, and only carelessness, fear and resentment can stop you from connecting with it.

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