Friday, February 26, 2016


Once upon a time we were part of the  FLOW. We were simply part of the universe without having an opinion about it. Then we became aware of ourselves as individual beings - which has been coined as the Fall from the Garden of Eden. The universe became finally aware of itself, which was an enormous achievement, but we also suffered taking that step. We realized that we were naked; we became ashamed and scared.

You could argue that many of us until today still separate further from the SOURCE. Separation is 
part of becoming modern man, and it is indeed a scary process to feel all alone in a big, and seemingly random universe. Yet, this is also the stage when we start asking questions, when we look for answers, and when we conclude in desperation, "there must be another way!" Every spiritual traveler will tell you about the excitement when for the first time someone answers! As they say, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

The process of At-One-Ment is the reversal of the separation process. Wholeness requires us to fall in love with life, to discover empathy for others, and to recognize that the perceived stranger is our brother instead. The WAY is really the journey back to our old FLOW that we once experienced subconsciously at the dawn of humanity;
 but this time around we join the SOURCE consciously. The Jungians use the expression Individuation to describe the phase of maturing and integrating different parts of our psyche into one. At-One-Ment seems to be the next stage in the development process. We do not exist separately, we are literally ONE.

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