Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dark Magic

At work there is a coffee flavor that I always pick, "dark magic", not because I pursue dark magic, but because I always give my own spiritual meaning to initials: "d m" as in Dao Meister (TAO Expert in German) works great for me, and the Green Mountain flavor tastes great too.

Actually, there is nothing superstitious or dark about any of my insights; they are simple observations along the WAY that are lost on many. So from the perspective of the ordinary folks, it may seem weird how I come up with my insights. Yet, if they work for me and make me happy then others might want to try connecting with the WAY too. 

Imagine an advanced society with superior technology visiting an Aboriginal society. We take our technical advances as normal while they would seem like dark magic to the Aboriginals. The position we spiritual travelers are in is similar to that set-up, only the roles are reversed. We spiritual travelers perceive ONENESS wherever we look; these insights are completely lost on the modern folks because they perceive everyone as separate beings. And from their perspective, dark magic happens when we see synchronicity, hear voices or have visions of things to come. Ironically, the Aboriginals would likely perceive this ONENESS as well, making you question the notion of progress to start with.

Looks like we are on a journey back to our origin. In the olden days everyone perceived ONENESS but it got lost on us in our journey for technological insight and individual self-expression. But modern man is awakening to the best of all worlds; we embrace technological and material progress while becoming whole and enjoy AT-ONE-MENT with the BEYOND at the same time. Everyone can see what we see, but you have to make ONENESS your working hypothesis. Join us, there is nothing dark about what we do, but there certainly is lots of "magic" along the WAY.

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