Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Am That I Am

Have you ever observed what's going on when you experience ecstasy?  And have you observed what is happening instead when you feel depressed? Monitor how you talk to yourself, and be aware of how you interact with others. Maybe it has even happened that you feel ecstatic in the morning, but are already depressed when the night falls.

This is actually a good time for you to realize that neither state is the true SELF.  When we feel happy or experience success, we think this is how we are. We wouldn't admit it to ourselves, but we subconsciously feel superior when we are riding high. But then, when life gets us down we mind that others apparently are on the up. This is the natural reaction when we identify ourselves with life's ups and down. Nether state is of GOD.

When we don’t identify ourselves with either state, we have our freedom and clarity.  Suddenly, we realize that every state is just some energy flowing through us. We don’t hang on to life's ups and downs. We learn that it is as futile as trying to grab air.

We let different energy states flow through us, freely, easily, and peacefully. However, that doesn't mean that we don't feel terrible when we are going through tough times, or that we don't feel exhilarated when GOD's blessings are bestowed on us. No, we monitor an existence beneath it all. We learn to see what actually is, and not what we think. We experience the upside in a miserable situation just as much as we perceive the inherent decay when we are riding high. We now happily dance with life and see clues that others block out because they seem to contradict the prevailing feeling at that time. 

We are neither young nor old, neither healthy nor sick. We are neither happy nor unhappy. We neither succeed, nor do we fail. We are ...
... I Am That I Am!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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