Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Accept Who You Are

We all have some negative attributes we want to hide from people: our pride; difficult and painful stretches of our lives; some perceived weak spots or big mistakes of the past. When we try to hide these from people, we in fact don’t accept these parts ourselves, and therefore lose the opportunities to do something constructive with them.

We have an image we want to maintain. This image puts us in denial with what really is going on. When we accept what is, when we embrace our so-called weak spots, then we are suddenly connecting with the power of the TAO: we become whole, stronger and more connected.  We are suddenly one with the flow of life and will find ourselves more accepted by the people we are interacting with for the simple reason that we now accept ourselves.

The image we have in mind is that of heavy armor. Protected like a knight we find ourselves in a beautiful flower field and suddenly become aware of the fact how disconnected we are from our surroundings. We drop piece after piece of heavy metal until we are completely one with nature. It takes trust to let go, but that's what the TAO encourages us to do all the time.

Let the TAO help you open up to life. Own all your attributes, the good as well as the stuff you are still working on. Let go of your heavy armor and become free.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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