Friday, February 5, 2016

Sexual Fantasies and CREATING in LOVE

I often read the Tarot Card of Day section in our Spiritual Networks community, and found a "Free Will" card the other day, which was followed by "Sexuality" on the next day. It was then when I came across davidWELLENS' CREATING in LOVE message:

There are no 
restrictions on 
which is the 
definition of 
(davidWELLENS, Spiritual Networks)

Sexuality is a natural expression of LOVE, so be as creative as you like in CREATING LOVE with someone you love. My only spiritual advice would be, create with someone you love, and not with somebody. Also be mindful of sexual fantasies for often they are the play-ground of our ego. The subconscious is always creating, and many factors are at play here. We can watch the thoughts and feelings that pop up from the depth of our being and can exercise our spiritual mission by responding to them, using our FREE WILL only to CREATE in LOVE.

Many of us have experienced that the ego is happy to engineer a battle of naked bodies in our mind or in the bedroom - that is the power of FREE WILL as well. Yet, many of us have also learned the hard way that where the ego is, LOVE cannot be. My biggest insight in all of this has been that feelings and thoughts come and go. We should never beat ourselves up over them. For judging is the same institution that wants to send us down the misleading pleasure trip in the first place. So why to give even more power to the ego? Judging, fantasizing, and enticing are favorite ego tools. CREATING in LOVE is the alternative FREE WILL endows us with. So let thoughts and feelings come and go like clouds drifting in the autumn wind. FREE WILL gives us the power to let the ones run that express our CREATION in LOVE.

Have fun CREATING in LOVE today :)

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