Thursday, February 4, 2016

To My Father: Setting the Record Straight (Continued)

I have to regrettably admit that when my father was still alive, I had my disagreements with him. I thought that his social skills were lacking; I also disliked how he expressed his frustrations. I distanced myself and thought that I couldn't learn anything from him. However, today I realize that I paid a big price for being so arrogant.

It is true, my father didn't have the greatest social skills, and it is also a fact that he wasn't good at controlling his temper. Still, he is my father. He brought me to life for starters. But he did so much more; he was indeed an incredible man! One can't find easily a man with such an iron will and such a strong work ethic.  To raise us, and to make money, he did not shy away from pain and hard work. He could work until 10 pm at night and would still get up early in the morning at 1 am; he could put in these incredible hours for months on end. The even more amazing thing is that he didn't feel pain; he actually enjoyed the gruesome work and had fun with it.

My father didn't suffer from high blood pressure and stayed healthy throughout his working life. Isn't that amazing? Not in my wildest dreams could I have accomplished such a feat.

I couldn't appreciate his high tolerance of pain and discomfort when I was young. Actually, I hated him for working like this. I deliberately went into the opposite direction. I have a low pain tolerance and I have never worked that hard. Now I realize what an incredible man he was.

My dear father,
thank you for showing me what persistence is;
thank you for showing me how to succeed.
Thank you for showing me how interchangeably pain and joy can be.
Pain is not pain and cold is not cold,
when we focus on something we care about.

My dear father,
you are amazing!
I love you!

By Su Zhen

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