Friday, February 12, 2016

Spiritual Psychology

Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways. (Sigmund Freud)

Freud was right when he reminded us that our ego, our feelings, our instincts, our body and the subconscious are forces to recon with. We spiritual traveler in particular often live in a world we want to live in, suppressing the emotions that bubbling beneath the surface in the name of spirituality. We should always work with who we perceive we are, and never be in conflict with ourselves. Spiritual or not, we should allow ourselves to live a little when life invites us to. Spiritual psychology is the discipline that brings ego, feelings, soul and SELF in harmony.

Our body is our Avatar, so we better take care of it, and do our best to honor GOD with it. The spiritual mandate "you are not your body" sounds good, but can be counterproductive in reality. Our ego doesn't have to be the enemy either. The "I" perceives reality and determines how we feel about life's ups and downs. We can't wish away who we think we are and how we feel about life's events. So we should value our starting point and do our best to move forward with it. Perhaps we can think of our SELF as the GPS to return HOME, but we need our body and ego to get us there.

Spiritual psychology is the art to make friends with our body and our ego while traveling the WAY. When you truly observe life you will find that it is a pressure outlet of sorts. It allows you to be who you are while gently guiding you HOME. Life is our friend, not an enemy one has to watch out for. Sure, obstacles present themselves, and some of life's challenges are truly annoying. But always and always, life presents a path that satisfies mind, soul and SELF.

Spiritual Psychology is the understanding that you can heal on all levels simultaneously. Childhood traumas can be worked of by embracing your spiritual mission. Sexual longings can be expressed physically with someone you love. The body can be celebrated as our physical manifestation without being in conflict with our SELF. A spiritual traveler has life to look forward to as it allows healing on all levels. All you have to do is to be present, fully embrace life's ups and downs and move right through it. Life gives us the tools to express ourselves in a way that satisfies heart and mind. Along the WAY, the ego, the soul and the SELF walk hand in hand. 

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