Monday, February 1, 2016

The Story of the Bamboo Tree (Revised)

There was once a giant bamboo tree that gave the owner of an estate a lot of pleasure and comfort. He loved sitting in front of it meditating in its cool shade. One day the owner approached the bamboo tree and asked whether it could cut some branches. The tree protested and said, "but then you won't find protection from the hot summer sun during your lunch break anymore", to which the owner replied that he wants to use the branches for a roof of a house that he is building for his son. This made sense to the bamboo tree, after all, the leaves will now cover an entire family all day and they will grow back.

A couple of years later the owner approached the tree and ask whether he could cut it down to build a bridge for the villagers. The tree protested but the owner reminded it that it was in its prime and that within a year or two it would be vulnerable to fungi attacks. The bamboo tree realized that by being transformed into a bridge instead, its existence would have a service to offer for decades to come, 
so it agreed.

Everyone faces ups and downs in life, we spiritual travelers are not immune. Yet, meaning is always our to discover. We do not live in a random Universe. The founder and owner of the Spiritual Networks community had a professional near-death experience, but after reaching rock-bottom he came up with the idea of bringing together thousands of spiritually awakened travelers in one giant 
social network community. He made his set-back part of his life story, and what a beautiful one it is. 

So if there are obstacles along the way, make them part of the story. The German poet Goethe once said, "with stones that someone puts in your way, you also can build a house." How true! So if something comes your way that you don't understand, just ask, and the next chapter in your book of life will be opened for you.

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