Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Magic: Keeping Your Dreams Alive

You see it in their eyes if they lose sight of their dreams; you see it in their posture, the way they walk and the way they talk. It is ok to struggle, that too is part of life. However, it is never ok to let go of your dreams. Hold onto them for dear life, for giving up on dreams means giving up on your life.

Go after your dreams and you will have powerful Allies rooting for you. The Angels whisper with Olivia Newton-John's lovely voice:

You have to believe we are magic;
nothin' can stand in our way.
You have to believe we are magic,
don't let your aim ever stray.
And if all your hopes survive,
your destiny will arrive.
I'll bring all your dreams alive
for you.

Still, Angels can carry us only so far. We have to do our part in creating magic. Let's our eyes on the ball, and no matter what, let's keep the ball rolling. Our destiny will arrive. We are that powerful for we are God's Co-Creator. 

Aim high and see your vision through. You have the magic in you.

(Olivia Newton-John, Magic)

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