Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Sometimes we experience pain, and it would be easy to blame someone close to us who seems responsible for everything. However, this would only be projection and in doing so, we could never claim back our power over our lives. We are not victims of life, we are creators instead! God gave us the power to manifest different paths. By creating, we experience God and realize that we are God's Co-Creators.

When we hurt, sometimes the negative sentiment is just too overwhelming so that we want to escape instead. However, by escaping we lose the chance to truly understand what’s going on inside of us and lose a chance to recycle the pain into positive energy. So we have to experience it again and again until we become aware of our creative powers. 

Too often, our pain is just a manifestation of our ego; so it is just the result of how we are treating ourselves.  Do you listen to your heart and act according to your inner calling? Is the action you are taking necessary or do you perhaps want to override something you don't like inside? Observe what happens when we don’t listen to our heart and force ourselves to do something by sheer will-power. Be prepared to experience how bitter, rebellious and even violent we can become in this case. This violence that we are inflicting on ourselves causes all the unnecessary suffering in our life. We can also observe how we end up beating up others when we don't do what is right by us!

Love and kindness has to start inside. If something is off, go inside and find the cause of friction. Every irritation has a remedy. Follow the flow of life, and be ready to experience the pain and joy that flows through us. Amplify the joy and redirect the pain into a worthwhile creation. God wants us to show up and put our mark on Her Creation.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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