Monday, March 21, 2016

The Power of the Symbol

Adam and Eve's departure out of the Garden of Eden was an act of mis-creation, a step away from GOD's KINGDOM, and once they discovered the rush of the "I" in action, other steps followed until there was no turning back. The symbol of the snake was the temptation to view the Tree of Life as the Tree of Good and Evil. Duality replaced the ONENESS that reigned before. 

Adam and Even and their off-spring only thought they had been expelled, when in fact they never departed from Heaven. The snake was the symbol that catapulted us from the SPIRIT level down to the ego plane, but while we were able to turn our back on GOD, HER PRESENCE is always with us. The HOLY SPIRIT is our GOD-connection who holds the key to catapult us back to the SPIRIT level with the help of the symbol.

No matter what events and people may come our way, there is always the WAY that connects us back with HEAVEN. Where we saw conflict before, the HOLY SPIRIT opens the door for co-operation; where lust led us astray, love heals us. And were we feared dark magic, we now awaken to GOD's miracles instead. The snake that climbs the rod points us the WAY towards a holy vision. The choice for GOD is always near-by. 

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