Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Having Faith in GOD's Plan

We must die to ourselves in order to be born.
(Teal Swan)

Walking the Tao is about surrender; it is about realizing that what we have been exposed to in the past doesn’t work for us any more. Are we willing to follow the signs of the WAY to learn a new approach? How often we are resistant to change and suffer as a consequence? Each time when we are resistant to the change, we actually waste our precious opportunity to move into a new paradigm which will make us better off.

The new path may look painful and dark in the beginning; that's why we are resistant. We have our own plan and agenda, but GOD has other plans for us. When GOD demands us to make a change, all resistance is useless. The longer we struggle, the longer it will take us to experience  the wonderful banquet GOD has arranged for us.

When we stick to the old path despite all signs pointing the other way, it is fear that keeps us cling to the old pattern. Fear is unfortunately something that we ourselves have to overcome; no divine intervention can help us with that. But then, when we have trust in GOD, what fear could we possibly have? May we all have the wisdom and courage to follow GOD's signs whenever they present themselves. 

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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