Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Lesson of the Lobster

The lobster is surrounded by a hard shell which doesn't expand. When the growing lobster gets uncomfortable as the body presses against the hard shell, it hides under a rock from predators, disposes of the old shell and waits for the new one grow. When the lobster eventually outgrows the new larger shell, the exercise gets repeated. That's how the lobster grows.

The lesson learned here is that change is part of our journey, and discomfort is simply a reminder to let go of the old. The lobster needs a time-out to find protection from the growth process that leaves it vulnerable. We too need to take it easy when these spiritual growth spurts occur that we perceive as uncomfortable changes. Yet, unlike the lobster we don't need to fear the predators. Life is not out to get us. It asks us to adjust, to let go and to get ready for the next life chapter that opens up for us. But all along, the gentle messengers of change are near-by to assist us in our journey.

Growing we will, and the more we open up to life's messengers day by day, the less we need to fear it. Respond to life's friendly messengers and no constraining shell is needed.

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