Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What is Your FUNCTION?

To each his special function is designed to be perceived as possible, and more and more desired as it proves to him that it is an alternative he really wants.
(A Course in Miracles)

Being able to perceive ONENESS is a vision. A spiritual traveler has the eye of an artist. We are not holy though, we just see upside in a situation that others fail to see. We also experience conflict; we remember old battle wounds; we become aware of the desire to strike back at those who supposedly cause us harm; but then we mumble to ourself, "I will be damned if this movie repeats itself". It is then when the WAY opens up. We recognize the path that transcends the tensions and makes everyone better off, not just ourself. The WAY always exists, but you have to patiently look out for it.

I hear often in our spiritual community how we are supposedly more enlightened than others; there is arrogance in that view. The brothers and sisters who play with us just mirror back our own tensions, conflicts and aspirations. Sure, there are times when we need to turn our back to an aspect of ourself that we have effectively outgrown. But more often than not, the annoying situation we are in is in fact an opportunity to heal old wounds, and to discover resistance and dark spots within ourself. This annoying brother just wants to give us another chance to come clean with our SELF.

The search for spirituality often starts with the frustration that hits us in a dysfunctional situation, when we drop everything and state, "there must be another way!" The above quoted "A Course in Miracles" started that way. When the boss of a psychology department  complained that all colleagues where at each other's throats, Helen Schucman was part of a team that volunteered to look into possible solutions. It was then when she heard voices that became a 700 page volume full of spiritual nuggets. So please respect the interferences along the WAY; they too have their spiritual meaning.

It was an incredible wake-up call for me when I realized what my FUNCTION at work; I do not need to do a thing. All I need to do is just to be there and assist everyone with my positive vibration. I perform this FUNCTION everywhere, at work, at home, or in my spiritual community. I am simply  one with the environment I am in. But I am not the holy one in this, everyone is. The healing exercise is a two-way street. I have inner conflicts and tensions just like everyone else. And while I know nothing about my subconscious interferences, my brother brings them out in the open for me and we heal together. We don't need to do a thing, we just need to be willing to hang out with each other - GOD does the rest. 

So what is your FUNCTION?

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