Thursday, March 10, 2016

Time for Letting Go

Why do we keep doing something either because we delude ourselves that it is somehow good for us, or because we simply realize that we can't do without it. When we observe ourselves daily, we will discover how many of these habits in fact hurt us. Why do people constantly throw a fit when actually these anger bouts may cause them high blood pressure and bad karma? Why do people stuff themselves, and consume lots of sugar when they know that diabetes might be in store for them, not to mention their loss of sex appeal. Why do people indulge themselves with addictive computer games and with porn? It is more than just getting a high, it is unfortunately compulsive on many occasions and they feel helplessly exposed.

How can we stop ourselves from these pernicious habits? Only when we realize that we are hurting ourselves and that the cost from continuing exceeds the pain of changing course. The power of observation works wonders as we start realizing how these compulsive habits put our minds to sleep and bring a robot to the fore. The power of observation makes us realize the craving, and the temporary escape from some pain that we want to avoid. 

Along a spiritual path we have no choice but to face everything that life throws of us. When we discover escapism in ourselves we have to find the root causes; that's what a spiritual path is all about. Slowly, we detach ourselves from these harmful habits and discover how we become the master of our actions again.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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