Friday, March 11, 2016

The Curse to Succeed

Do what you love. Love what you do!

I attended a prep course for parents of college-age kids, and was initially quite happy when the presenter started saying that we should allow our kids to be kids, and that this educational journey is about them, and about realizing what is important for them. Unfortunately her speech was followed by the classic formula that in order to get anywhere, you should have straight As, with the qualification that a B + in an honor roll is ok; should spent months preparing for the standardized college tests, preferably in the summer months not to interfere with your studies; should show leadership at an early age, should help your community, should have great athletic or artistic credentials, etc., etc.

Is is really that hard to see that we are messing with the psyche of millions of our children by putting way too much pressure on them, while creating envy and intimidation for those less privileged students who don't have the encouragement, knowledge or the resources to participate in that academic rat race. From a spiritual perspective, sooner or later the ghosts of this abuse will pop up and will lead to a painful soul searching process when these young goal-getters are forced by life to face their demons of the past, eventually setting the foundation to awaken to their true interests, creativity and drive. 

I know it takes guts to stray away from this well-entrenched road to success that everyone else seems to follow, but the sooner you let your child discover true creativity and true passion, the more straightforward will be her spiritual awakening, and eventually, her professional success. You probably don't get into an Ivy League school, but the psyche of your child will thank you for it. Pele put is best, "do what you love and love what you do", and everything will fall into place naturally.

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