Thursday, April 28, 2016

Create Your Story

I talk to everyone. All the time. The question is not to whom I talk, but who listens.
(God in Neale Walsch's Conversations with God)

Many spiritual travelers look for enlightenment. Well, there is good news, at least going by Neale Walsch's book Conversations with God. No point 
waiting for Godot and start listening to HER in the here and now. Maybe you find parts of HER MESSAGE in this note. Maybe you can find GOD in nature, in your surroundings or the people you talk to today.

Truth of the matter is that this world is entire self-created. Life as we perceive it is a simple reflection of who we think we are. Yet GOD, though operating outside of life as we know it, permeates everything. With 
every step we take both the self as well as our GOD connection are shining through.

Some people take this to mean that we should negate the self in order to be exposed to the SELF. While this approach may work in mathematics, that is, the negative of a negative is indeed positive, this concept falls short in spirituality. The institution that negates the self is still the self. Or put differently, putting two negatives in front of zero still doesn't give you a positive number.

Buddha had this observation shortly before reaching enlightenment. He realized that he was trying too hard. The part of him that wanted to get to enlightenment was still part of the same institution he wanted to overcome. So he tried the Way of the Middle instead, and "enlightenment" descended on him shortly thereafter.

A spiritual traveler has an amazing opportunity to meet GOD in the here and now. Everything we have ever done before, and everything that we ever experienced up to this point prepares us perfectly for following the WAY in the here and now. Zoom into your spiritual mission; mix purpose and passion and then simply have fun along the WAY. You know that you are on your spiritual path when 
self, soul and SPIRIT all rejoice. 

Create your story and enjoy every step of the WAY. With GOD as a CO-CREATOR, chances are your story will turn out to be a good one!

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