Saturday, April 30, 2016

Let the Results Speak for Themselves

"A philosopher is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there. A theologian is the man who finds it." (H. L. Mencken, "the Sage of Baltimore")

A spiritual path cannot insulate us from pain. We also experience the same emotions that our more agnostic brothers and sisters enjoy and endure. Meaning, however, is something that every spiritual traveler can look forward to. "God is not mocked",  says "A Course in Miracles". SHE would be, if after years of divine GUIDANCE love would still leave us empty-handed. 

Many roads lead to Rome they say. Based on my own observations as a spiritual traveler all we have to do is to zoom into our life mission, put our best foot forward every step of the WAY, and let HER do the rest. Live your story, make it a beautiful one, and tell us all about it. Be the one who finds the lost cat while others do the thinking. When love is involved, GOD is bound to show you the WAY.

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