Sunday, May 1, 2016

Just Dive In

There is never a moment when the Universe is not in control. Relax! SHE got you covered. ( quoted in Spiritual Networks)
Dive into new activities and challenges when life encourages you to start something new. Allow yourself a trial and error period and don't get discouraged when initially the errors exceed the successes. With this boldness you give yourself time and space to learn, creating new pathways in your brain, and developing a new network of friends and contacts by doing so. Don't give up too easily; frustrations and pain are also part of the WAY.

Boldness is a prerequisite for creativity, and creativity is necessary to follow the WAY. Every  meaningful mission can be accomplished with persistence and some divine guidance. You allow yourself a learning period, and then things will take off by itself. Same when we teach others. Stick with him as long as he always puts his best foot forward and one day runs with it.

It is said it takes 10 000 hours of practice to become a master at anything, but it is not really time that matters, it is your willingness to step into the unknown and your willingness to dive deep when a big wave rolls over you. 

The WAY occasionally points you into the unknown, but just as you walk through the fog and the darkness, SHE sends loving messengers who remind you of the WAY. Isn’t that the exciting part of life?  We spiritual travelers don’t know what’s going to happen either, but we trust HER guidance every step of the WAY.

Embrace the adventure that faces you today. It is the only way to be connected to the DAO; jumping into the waters and seeing where the current will take us. Allow yourself to explore, and see how your surroundings expand into a world beyond comprehension. Just dive in!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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