Monday, April 11, 2016

Leaving the Battle of Good and Evil Behind

Give evil nothing to oppose
and it will disappear by itself.
(Tao Te Ching)

Who can say whether the ego is an inner capricious force is on a subconscious collision course with GOD. Chances are when we reach for the light, a shadow will form. Chances are when we are searching for GOD, we are bound to encounter a demonic force that screams murder. This is simply the yin and yang of life. Part human, part divine, we are cursed to feel something pulling us down whenever we reach for the stars.

The trick is to accept our roots as they are, but not to miss out on the chance to explore the stars. The secret is to open up to life completely, come good or bad. Yield to life and discover the WAY as you dive in. Life will show you all inner baggage that hold you back, and presents plenty of opportunities to drop them by the wayside. Walking the WAY is a little like watching the summer sky. Blazing sun interchanges with some clouds and the occasional cleansing thunder-storm. Each situation has its special purpose. Welcome them all!

Listen to the quiet VOICE inside and be mindful of the inner resistance and interferences without any judgements and attack. There are days when the SELF shines through, just as there are days when you notice your ego at work.The TAO can be recognized every step of the WAY. Life has been made for you to honor your human drives while always having that divine break-through at your disposal. Find enlightenment in the holy NOW and leave the battle of good and evil behind.

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